Kendall Jenner Is Lonely And Desperate For Love?

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Kendall Jenner Lonely Single

By Andrew Shuster |

Kendall Jenner Lonely Single

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Kendall Jenner is not lonely and desperate for love, despite a made-up tabloid report alleging the model is miserable being single. There’s no truth to the story. Gossip Cop can correct it.

According to Star, Jenner has been distressed since splitting from NBA player Ben Simmons in May. A supposed source tells the magazine, “She’s always felt that, of all her sisters, she’s the one working so hard to carve out a career. Yet she’s also the one who’s alone on Saturday nights – and she hates it.”

The outlet further contends Jenner’s busy schedule is preventing her from settling down and finding a long-term boyfriend. “Kendall barely knows what city she’s in anymore, let alone who she’s meeting,” says the questionable insider. “By the end of the day, she can’t recall a single face, whether it belonged to a cute guy or not. She’s started putting the word out to all her friends to help set her up.”

The anonymous tipster asserts Jenner has been posting sexy pictures on Instagram in the hopes that “someone good slides into her DMs,” adding, “She’s started realizing she’s got to loosen up a little. She knows she can come across as a cold fish, and deep down she wants love.” The seemingly phony source also maintains Jenner has been turning to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin for advice on how to find a partner because she “can’t help but feel a little envious that Hailey’s got someone to snuggle up to at night.”

The tabloid hides behind an unidentified “insider” to sell its story, but Gossip Cop reached out to Jenner’s spokesperson, who calls it “absurd.” Despite what the magazine’s untraceable “source” claims, a rep qualified to speak on the model’s behalf assures us she’s not in anguish over her love life. Additionally, “Entertainment Tonight,” a much more reliable source for celebrity news than Star, reported earlier this week how Jenner is “enjoying being single” after ending her relationship with Simmons. The notion that the model feels incomplete and unhappy without a boyfriend simply isn’t accurate.

Last month, Gossip Cop called out Star’s sister publication, Life & Style, for making up a similar story about the status of the model’s love life. The tabloid claimed Jenner feared she might be “undateable” following her split from Simmons. The gossip media simply has zero insight into how Jenner feels about being single.


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