Kendall Jenner, Blake Griffin NOT Talking Kids, Despite Report

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Kendall Jenner Blake Griffin Kids

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Kendall Jenner Blake Griffin Kids

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Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin are not talking about having kids together, contrary to a report. In fact, the stars aren’t in a relationship that serious at all. Gossip Cop can debunk this erroneous claim.

“Kendall Jenner & Blake Griffin Already Joking About What Their Kids Would Be Like,” reads a headline from HollywoodLife, which claims it “EXCLUSIVELY learned” their “romance is heating up and believe it or not, they have already started talking about having kids in the future.” The webloid declares “there’s baby fever brewing,” and that’s exactly why this story was concocted. Since three of Jenner’s sisters are currently expecting, the site made up a baby-related narrative for her, too.

A so-called “source” (cough) is quoted as saying, “With all the baby news flying around her family, Kendall found herself thinking about what it would be like if she were pregnant too.” Sure she did. The outlet’s supposed snitch goes on to contend Jenner and Griffin have “joked about what an amazing athlete their son would be, if they had a boy. Kendall was joking with Blake about their incredible genetics that would produce a super athletic baby capable of going to the Olympics, playing in the NFL or definitely in the NBA.”

“She is tall and Blake has height too so their kid would be tall for sure,” claims the purported tipster, who further asserts, “Oh, and if they had a girl, well she thinks she would be gorgeous and tall enough to do runway too, just like her momma.” Adds the online publication, “It’s no surprise that these are the thoughts the hot duo have been thinking of considering Blake’s success as a basketball player with the Los Angeles Clippers.”

Yeah, none of this is a surprise. Given all the real news about the Kardashian-Jenner pregnancies, HollywoodLies simply manufactured fake news on the same topic for Jenner, and used her and Griffin’s respective careers as the foundation for this “source’s” (ahem) statements. This piece may be original, but it’s certainly not creative. Most importantly, it’s not authentic. No one close to Jenner would talk to this blog, even jokingly, about having kids with Griffin, Gossip Cop is assured. The two are seeing other very casually and whether they actually “heat up” remains to be seen.

And, by the way, HollywoodLies actually proves what a fraud it is in the last line of its article. The site closes out by saying Jenner’s sisters are “reportedly expecting children in the near future.” “Reportedly”? The outlet has already run multiple “exclusives” on each sibling, claiming to have the inside knowledge on the impending arrivals. But now they’re only “reportedly” expecting? Yeah, okay.