Kendall Jenner "fears" the so-called "Kardashian curse" will be blamed for Blake Griffin's injury, according to a completely untrue report. Gossip Cop can expose this story as not only made-up, but also totally ignorant of both Griffin's history and that of the Los Angeles Clippers.

HollywoodLife is alleging, "Now that Blake Griffin has suffered a crippling knee injury, Kendall Jenner feels 'horrible.' Even worse, she fears that she will somehow be blamed for his bad luck this season." In what is clearly a manufactured statement, an alleged "source" is quoted as saying, "Kendall feels horrible about Blake's injury. Kendall fears she will somehow be blamed for his bad luck. She has heard about the Kardashian curse for years and thinks it is just ridiculous."

This supposed snitch continues, "She also understands how dedicated fans may look for anyway to make sense of a bad situation. But in the end, Kendall feels like any accusations towards her are simply unfair, misguided anger. Kendall loves watching Blake play and she knows how important basketball is in his life, so she is going to do everything she can to care, support and help him get back to his teammates ASAP." No real person would keep repeating "Kendall" in almost every sentence like that.

What's more, though, is that HollywoodLies, as it's known, is clearly not aware of Griffin's history and that of the Clippers. It's absurd to blame a conspiracy theory tied to the model's family for his injury when a) he has been injured before and b) the team has its own curse surrounding it. In fact, when Griffin suffered an injury in April, months before he hooked up with Jenner, it inspired The Score to look back at events showing the Clippers have been seen as cursed for years.

And even when Griffin suffered his most recent setback a few days ago, The Undefeated noted, "Blake Griffin's injury raises age-old question: Are the Clippers cursed?" So, every key player here — Griffin, Jenner and the Clippers — knows there are injuries and a team curse that pre-date the couple's relationship. HollywoodLies, however, apparently doesn't know this, which is why it concocted a narrative that nonsensically claims Jenner thinks she'd be "blamed." It's also why the aforementioned "source" speaks in vague generalities, and this purported tipster is giving a supposed scoop that doesn't make sense. Simply put, given that the Clippers curse existed long before Jenner entered the picture, no "source" close to her would talk about her being responsible when that's obviously untrue.

It becomes even more obvious that the site simply doesn't know what it's talking about when you consider that, on Thanksgiving, it tried peddling a similar story about the Clippers blaming the "Kardashian curse" for the team's losses. Just like now, that tale was also illogical when examined closely. It seems HollywoodLies is trying to appear in-the-know to capitalize on Jenner and Griffin's relationship as the Clippers have an up-and-down season, but all the blog is doing is exposing itself as unknowledgeable. And if the online publication really had a "source," as well as journalists who actually did investigative research, it wouldn't be trying to pass off provably false and implausible premises as "exclusives." How embarrassing.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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