Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber Drama Manufactured By HollywoodLife

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Justin Bieber Kendall Jenner Dating

By Daniel Gates |

Justin Bieber Kendall Jenner Dating

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It’s time to check in with HollywoodLife, your source for contradictory, speculative click-bait invested with no logic or real thought! According to the webloid, Kendall Jenner thinks Justin Bieber is a douche bag… and she’s also desperate to be his girlfriend, except Selena Gomez is “in the way.” Confused? Well, most HollywoodLife writers and readers are, too!

On Tuesday, HollywoodLife first lifted a story from In Touch, an outlet that recently fabricated a story about Gomez being asked to roast Bieber and just days ago ran a false cover story claiming Kanye West had allegedly dumped Jenner’s half-sister Kim Kardashian. That’s the level of “expertise” HollywoodLife is borrowing.

Anyway, using the In Touch report, HollywoodLife declares, “[Bieber’s] actions at Coachella have severely pissed off his friends-with-benefits Kendall… and she let him know it!” What supposedly happened? The tabloid’s source claims Bieber was grinding on model Josie Canseco at a party, allegedly infuriating Jenner. HollywoodLife says, “The next day, she left crying, saying, ‘Justin’s a douche bag,’ the mag’s source reveals.” Interesting.

Except that just a couple of hours later, HollywoodLife ran a second story that makes NO reference to this purported incident. Instead, it blames Gomez for supposedly disrupting things between Jenner and Bieber, claiming the singer-actress is “ruining [Jenner’s] plans” to be Bieber’s girlfriend. Um, how so?

“There was a brief period of time that Kendall thought Justin was going to take their secret relationship to the next level, but that doesn’t look like it’s ever going to happen and she’s just fed up,” says a source for HollywoodLife. “Kendall is fed up with Justin‘s ongoing preoccupation with Selena… It’s just so obvious that he’s not over her and not willing or ready to get into a serious relationship with anyone.”

So… Bieber is obsessed with Gomez, but hooking up with Jenner, except she wants to be his girlfriend, only she thinks he’s a douche bag and left Coachella in tears, but not before they helped to record a cheerful lip sync to “I Really Like You,” and maybe Gomez is to blame, or maybe it’s that model Bieber supposedly danced with. It’s all giving us a headache, and NONE of it is based on anything. There’s no love triangle. There’s no war between Jenner and Gomez.

It’s just HollywoodLife trying to cram as much drama into a single day as possible. And we’re sure that on Wednesday, when there’s a fresh batch of tabloid rumors to run without fact-checking, HollywoodLife will giddily do so, truth be damned.

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There is drama between Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber.


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