Kendall Jenner “Jealous” Of Paris Jackson Getting Vogue Cover Is Fake News

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By Michael Lewittes |

Kendall Jenner Paris Jackson

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Kendall Jenner is not “jealous” of her friend Paris Jackson getting a Vogue cover, despite a made-up story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fake news. We’re told all talk of Jenner being “not happy” about Jackson’s success is “false.”

The untrue report was first published by RadarOnline, a site that seems to formulaically and wrongly maintain that either Jenner is upset whenever anyone else appears in Vogue, or that she’s the target of others’ jealousy because of her work in that magazine. In its latest story, the often disproven site alleges that Jenner is worried her friend Paris Jackson “will steal the spotlight” from the runway model. “Kendall Jenner is not happy,” writes the outlet.

The webloid claims that while it’s a “huge honor” for Jackson to nab the cover of Vogue Australia, “Jenner has been the opposite of supportive.” “She is less than thrilled that family friend Jackson is following in her footsteps,” adds the blog. Curiously, the outlet doesn’t have any quotes from any real sources, and instead decided to basically rephrase the same sentiments of “jealous” and “not happy” in different, though still incorrect, ways.

As Gossip Cop noted above, it appears RadarOnline has a habit of falsely contending there are always hurt feelings and envy when it comes to Jenner and Vogue. Back in December 2015, for example, we busted the webloid when it wrongly reported Kendall Jenner was “livid” her sister Kylie was in Vogue for a spread about the younger sisters of famous models. Of course, the story was a complete lie, and Kendall, who’s been in numerous editions of Vogue both in the U.S. and internally, was very proud of Kylie.

And just last year, Gossip Cop caught the same site in a fib when it untruthfully claimed Jenner and sister Kim Kardashian were in a Vogue “feud.” Using the same verbiage, the unimaginative outlet wrongly asserted that after Jenner scored the coveted September issue of Vogue, Kardashian would “forever be jealous” of her sister’s success. The repeatedly discredited outlet further inaccurately claimed, “Kardashian does NOT like to share the spotlight,” and “is not happy.” “Spotlight?” “Not happy?” “Jealous?”

The repetition of the same buzzwords in the older articles involving Jenner and Vogue and the new one that includes Jackson might lead a skeptic to think RadarOnline is simply recycling phony scenarios with different names. Regardless, Gossip Cop reached out to a few Jenner sources, and they all assure us the model is proud of Jackson’s accomplishment and that the latest article is nothing more than fake news. Additionally, Jenner’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the claim about the model being “jealous” of Jackson and “not happy” is 100 percent “false.”

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