Kendall Jenner On Famous Family: I Want “Attention On Me For Five Seconds”

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Kendall Jenner Allure

By Shari Weiss |

Kendall Jenner Allure

(Mario Testino/Allure)

Kendall Jenner may now walk runways worldwide, but the rising model had teenage insecurities just like everyone else. Except hers were captured for reality television. In a new interview with Allure for the March issue, Jenner opens up about going through puberty in the spotlight, and wishing for attention separate from her famous family.

The magazine writes, “Jenner hasn’t known complete privacy since age 11. She learned about tampons from her sisters as the E! network filmed.” And the now-19-year-old didn’t have much choice in the matter. “It started so early that it’s the only thing I can remember,” she says. “Kylie and I had to grow up in front of people, and it was hard sometimes. Still, she adds, “But it was never a negative thing.”

Maybe not, but even while experiencing the ups and downs of fame, Jenner still had to deal with typical everyday adolescence. She remembers, “I had just started ninth grade when I got my acne. And I had braces. I wouldn’t look people in the eye. It was not a good time for me — it just killed my self-esteem. I thought when I didn’t look at someone, they couldn’t see my face.”

Jenner admits, “I still have a hard time looking at someone when I’m talking to them, and I get nervous.” She credits modeling, though, for helping with that. “When I started getting in front of the camera a lot, I think my confidence started to come out,” she tells Allure. “It took a minute, because I had to believe in myself.”

The star’s modeling inspiration actually came when she was little. “I would read magazines, and I would look at pictures with these women who looked so powerful,” she recalls. “I wanted to be that to some little girl or little boy.” Now Jenner has that opportunity, and well, she wants the limelight for herself a bit. Discussing her Fashion Week debut last year, Jenner explains why she didn’t invite big sister Kim Kardashian. “I didn’t need it to be a family affair,” she says.

Jenner continues, “As selfish as this sounds, I wanted the attention to be on me for five seconds rather than my family. If they were sitting front row, it would have been all about, ‘Oh, Kim goes to Kendall’s first fashion show!'” She adds, “I love Kim, but for a minute I wanted it to be like, ‘OK, this is [Kendall’s] thing — she’s taking it seriously.'”

Jenner’s Allure shoot should certainly get her the solo attention she wants. Photographed by Mario Testino in a series of sexy, cut-out bathing suits, Jenner posts with a monkey who happens to be the same one that appeared as Marcel as “Friends.” On second thought, Jenner might have some competition after all. Check out the behind-the-scenes video below!


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