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Is Kendall Jenner driving Ben Simmons crazy with her "dating demands"? That's the claim in one of this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, is told it's entirely untrue.

According to Star, it's really "annoying" to date the supermodel, and now Simmons knows why. The tabloid quotes a so-called "spy" as maintaining, "[Jenner] won't go anywhere without a driver and team of assistants, which is pretty off-putting for Ben, who's just a regular dude." The same unnamed and possibly made-up source contends, "She throws a fit if he doesn't remember what she likes to eat, because she hates to order for herself."

"Kendall expects to be treated like royalty, including by her boyfriend," adds the anonymous "insider," who seems to make broad statements, without providing any examples or specifics. The same untraceable tipster editorializes rather generally, "A lot of people aren't surprised that her relationships don't usually last long." Of course, Jenner just turned 23, so how many "long" lasting relationships does the tabloid expect her to have had? Additionally, much like the in-demand Jenner, her boyfriends tend to be athletes, performers and models, who are similarly on the road a lot, making traditional dating difficult.

Regardless, as stated above, the magazine makes sweeping remarks about Jenner acting like "royalty" and constantly being surrounded by an entourage of assistants and others, and yet its supposed "spy" does not point to one single example. Nor does the outlet mention where and when Jenner was out to dinner with Simmons and she threw "a fit" because he didn't order food for her. As Gossip Cop has often noted, it's easy to make up claims, but far tougher to prove them.

Apparently, the supermodel is not as demanding and diva-like as the tabloid portrays her. On Monday, for instance, Jenner was photographed grabbing McDonald's in London, with no "team of assistants" accompanying her after attending the British Fashion Awards. And if dating her was so difficult and "annoying," Simmons' mom wouldn't have sat with Jenner at a Sixers game two weeks ago. Additionally, 76ers owner Michael Rubin heaped praise on Jenner in a recent interview.

Rubin, who has spent time with Jenner, called her "awesome" and a "great influence" on Simmons. He even related how Simmons recently wanted to go out for a late dinner, but Jenner convinced the basketball player to get "a good night's sleep." The team owner even claimed the Sixers have "won every game she's been at."

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a few Jenner sources and each one said the tabloid's premise was untrue. And while the magazine made vague and unverifiable claims, hiding behind unidentifiable "sources," a rep for Jenner, speaking on the model's behalf, tells on on the record the publication's tale is "false." We are not completely surprised, given the outlet's poor track record.

Remember, Star is the same publication that Gossip Cop busted when it blared on a cover nearly four years how Scott Disick slept with Jenner. That was followed up weeks later with another phony front page story about Jenner being pregnant with Disick's baby. We've also exposed the tabloid for a slew of other made-up reports, including how Jenner and Bella Hadid were secret lovers. None of those articles were true, and neither is the latest tale about Jenner having crazy "dating demands" of Simmons.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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