Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are not hooking up, despite a speculative and inaccurate report that's based entirely on an Instagram photo. Gossip Cop can expose the truth behind this latest fabrication.

The ridiculous allegation is in the latest issue of Star, which asks in a headline, "Kendall and Bella: Undercover Lovers?" The accompanying article claims photographer Mike Rosenthal, whose wife is a hairstylist for the Kardashians, exposed Jenner as a "lesbian" when he shared a photo on Instagram of the model and Hadid at the London Pride parade earlier this month. According to the magazine, the snap of the two friends confirmed rumors that "Kendall isn't as straight as an arrow."

The outlet's supposed "source" further contends that Hadid, who is still moving on from her ex The Weeknd, only meets guys who are "complete sleazebags." That's why, adds the magazine's tipster, "Some of her gay pals are telling her to try dating girls for a while. No one would be surprised if she and Kendall are experimenting." No would anyone be surprised that Star sometimes publishes fake news.

Gossip Cop was admittedly suspicious of this story, considering Star's track record for spreading false rumors about Jenner's sexuality. Remember, we previously corrected the tabloid when it falsely claimed Jenner was dating Cara Delevingne. As for the outlet's inaccurate depiction of the reality star's relationship with Hadid, Gossip Cop also busted the outlet in the past for wrongly claiming Jenner and Hadid were "at war," along with their respective sisters Kylie and Gigi, for supremacy in the fashion world.

Gossip Cop has now discovered this latest article is also entirely made-up. A rep for Jenner tells Gossip Cop the story is "false," as the model is not hooking up or "experimenting" with Hadid, who's one of her closest friends. In the picture shared by Rosenthal on Instagram, Jenner and Hadid were simply being supportive of the LGBT community at London's Pride parade, and the tabloid's claim they're a couple is entirely untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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