Kendall Jenner Banned Solid Foods, Only Eats Liquids?

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Kendall Jenner Banned Solid Foods

By Shari Weiss |

Kendall Jenner Banned Solid Foods

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Has Kendall Jenner banned solid foods? A report surfaced online Tuesday claiming the model is only eating liquids. Gossip Cop can deliver the real dish.

According to OK!, Jenner is “letting the model lifestyle get to her head!” It’s said “the 20-year-old runway star has become so obsessed with her figure in a bid to bring back the controversial ‘waif’ look that made Kate Moss famous.” And now she has “completely stopped eating solids to help reach her goal.”

“She’s the skinniest she’s ever been. Her legs are like twigs,” a so-called “worried pal” is quoted as saying. “She’s normally around 125 lbs., but she’s lost at least 10 lbs. in the past few months from eating nothing but shakes, juices — and champagne.”

The supposed source goes on to claim Jenner “wants to keep going until she’s under 110 lbs. She’s even been taking her measurements, as she wants a 20-inch waist.” OK! further writes, “Of course, her famous family isn’t helping the situation; they’re only making it worse!” Its tipster adds that the Kardashians “are enabling her by showering her with compliments all the time.”

But what OK! calls a “dangerous obsession” is actually just another fabricated story from the tabloid. Just look at the magazine’s track record: Last December, the outlet said Jenner had come out as a lesbian, but just last month claimed she was in a “secret romance” with Scott Disick.

This new story isn’t really Jenner’s “diet secrets exposed.” What’s exposed is the publication’s willingness to say anything for a sensational story. Gossip Cop is told that Jenner, who eats everything from salads to In N Out, has NOT banned solid foods from her eating habits.

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Kendall Jenner has banned solid foods and is only consuming liquids.


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