Kendall Jenner Banned From Cara Delevingne’s Birthday Trip?

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Kendall Jenner Banned Cara Delevingne Birthday

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Kendall Jenner Banned Cara Delevingne Birthday

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Was Kendall Jenner banned from Cara Delevingne’s birthday trip? That’s the spin coming from the tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, can set the record straight.

In a very dramatic headline, Star is declaring: “Kendall: Hollywood’s Most Hated!” Given that the article is only about Jenner supposedly having a falling out with Delevingne, it’s a ridiculous and unsupported assertion. Still, according to the tabloid, Jenner is “young Hollywood’s odd woman out thanks to her bratty attitude and diva demands!” It’s specifically alleged such behavior got her “booted” from Delevingne’s birthday vacation in Mexico, as she supposedly tried “turning the trip into a three-ring circus.”

“Kendall refused to share a hotel room, demanded her own dietary program and a six-person security team, and told everyone they had to sign non-disclosure agreements,” a so-called “friend involved in the party planning” claims to the gossip magazine. “Other A-list attendees” were “aghast at Kendall’s mandates,” contends the outlet, “but the final straw was KJ’s decree that no one could post photos unless she could monetize them for a quick payday.” Alleges the supposed source, “When Kendall said that, the girls just lost it. They never wanted her to come in the first place… but when she started throwing her weight around, that was it.”

So, “faced with an ultimatum from her famous (and fed-up) friends, Cara cut Kenny loose,” asserts the publication. The purported pal further asserts, “It was so embarrassing for Kendall. Cara tried to be diplomatic and said Mexico might not be safe enough for her but Kendall saw through her… She doesn’t have many friends, and stuff like this is the reason why.” Actually, this “reason” is totally made up. Star saw social media photos from Delevinge’s group trip and came up with a false narrative for why Jenner wasn’t there.

The tabloid also misrepresented who actually was involved. Far from this being a vacation with “A-listers,” Delevingne actually brought along a Burberry executive and the founder of a lifestyle brand. They were joined by little-known foreign actresses, and arguably the most famous person in attendance, besides the birthday girl herself, was Georgia May Jagger. It wasn’t exactly the Vanity Fair Oscars bash. And a rep for Jenner tells Gossip Cop that it’s “false” her presence was “banned.”

It’s unclear why the magazine decided to do such a mean-spirited hit piece about Jenner, but it actually pulled a similar move with Delevingne herself last month, accusing her of having a “creepy crush” on Rihanna. And more than two years ago, the outlet wrongly claimed Jenner and Delevingne were dating. Notably, that supposed romance isn’t mentioned anywhere in this new tale about a feud.