Kendall Jenner “Happy Being Cool Aunt While Sisters Are Moms” Is Fake News

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Kendall Jenner Aunt Sisters Moms

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Kendall Jenner Aunt Sisters Moms

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HollywoodLife is still desperate to exploit all the pregnancies involving the Kardashian-Jenners, so it is churning out made-up angles all day, every day. In this latest example, Gossip Cop can expose how the webloid dragged in the not-pregnant Kendall Jenner and sloppily crafted a fake news story.

“Kendall Jenner: Why She’s Happy Being The Cool Aunt While All Her Sisters Are Moms — For Now,” reads the headline of this faux “exclusive.” With Kourtney already a mom of three, Kim expanding her family, and both Khloe and Kylie expecting their first children, the site maintains Jenner is “counting her lucky stars that she DOESN’T have a child yet.” The source of this purported insight? The outlet laughably cites a “Calabasas insider.” Yes, readers are supposed to believe that someone who happens to live in the same city as some of the famous clan a) knows about Jenner’s feelings on motherhood and b) is leaking those feelings to a gossip blog. It’s preposterous, to say the least.

This almost assuredly non-existent “insider” babbles on about how Jenner prefers being the “coolest aunt” and not “limited by having to care for a baby.” While that might sound plausible, a subsequent quote shows how these statements were manufactured. As seen in the screengrab below, the bogus tipster is quoted as saying, “At the moment, Kendall is having a ball with her boy toy Blake Griffin, 28.” No real person would say “boy toy Blake Griffin, 28.” The line is completely unnatural and totally constructed.

In another sign that this tale is rooted in fiction, it actually contradicts a prior story that HollywoodLies, as it’s known, concocted more than two months ago. That October piece was all about how Jenner and Griffin were supposedly talking about having kids together (also below), whereas this new one is all about parenthood not even being on her mind at all. The two conflicting articles do have a few things in common, though. Both were conceived as ways to offer new content related to the Kardashian-Jenner pregnancies. And both are made-up angles.

Last year, Jenner did say she sees herself having kids in 10 years, but no reputable outlet is currently talking about her plans or lack thereof. Only HollywoodLies is because it crafted a fake news story to capitalize on all the real news surrounding the model’s sisters. And as reasonable as these contentions about Jenner may seem, Gossip Cop is actually told on the record by her rep that they’re inauthentic and illegitimate because they did not come from anyone genuinely connected to her, in Calabasas or anywhere else.


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