Kelvin Gordon “Little Big Shots: Forever Young” Video: Watch Contortionist On Finale!

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Kelvin Gordon Little Big Shots Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kelvin Gordon Little Big Shots Video


A 60-year-old contortionist named Kelvin Gordon showed off his moves on the “Little Big Shots: Forever Young” finale on Wednesday. Watch the video below!

For Gordon’s appearance on the NBC variety show, a rather small box was placed on the stage. Little did the audience know that he was actually folded up inside. Out first came one hand and arm, then the other. But since he actually resembles the show’s host Steve Harvey, the crowd seemed to think it was the comedian himself emerging from the box. But then Harvey walked on stage. He called Gordon’s entrance “pretty impressive,” but was none too pleased to find out they’re the same age.

Harvey cracked, “You know I consider myself okay shape for 60. You know, I’m holding my own. I look good in my clothes. I ain’t all that fly naked, but you know, as long as I don’t turn sideways. When you turn sideways, you’re gonna throw yourself into something.” Gordon revealed he started doing martial arts and yoga “back in the 70s,” and when he became involved in the entertainment industry, “I used my flexibility and took it to a different level.”

Some audience members made approving noises upon learning the twice-divorced Gordon was single, which prompted Harvey to suggestively quip, “Well, if you can’t climb in a box… You gotta be able to do some things to work with a man that can come out of a box.” He went on to deem Gordon “the most flexible, 60-year-old martial-art granddaddy.”

“I got my vices,” he replied. “Once every few months I might have some Haagen-Dazs, watch TV.” Harvey was taken aback by that non-scandalous answer, but then things took a slightly salacious turn when Gordon ripped off his business suit to reveal a skin-tight bodysuit, much to the delight of the women watching. He then twisted and turned into all sorts of positions. Check out the videos below!

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