Kelsey Grammer “Off Wagon,” “Food Binge” Story Is “Fiction”

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Kelsey Grammer Off Wagon

By Shari Weiss |

Kelsey Grammer Off Wagon

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Kelsey Grammer is not “off [the] wagon,” nor are there concerns about his health. A sensational new report is “fiction,” his rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop.

With fake concern and a mean-spirited tone, RadarOnline exclaims in a headline on Friday, “Fatty Frasier Falls Off Wagon!” According to the accompanying story, Grammer’s “weight has exploded to 257 pounds since he began hitting the bottle again — and now alarmed pals and experts warn his health’s in jeopardy!” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Kelsey’s gorging and his girth is growing.”

The supposed source blames the issue on Grammer’s alleged lack of “will power” and being a “man who doesn’t know moderation.” The outlet’s snitch contends, “He easily consumes 5,000 calories a day, which means he’s putting on two pounds a day! He might eat himself to death.” Adds the site’s purported tipster, “While he’s not back on drugs, he’s been boozing, and everyone is concerned about his health.”

The webloid even cites a “fitness and body type expert” who has never met Grammer, but deems him “vastly overweight” based on a photo, which RadarOnline didn’t bother to include in its post. That’s interesting, considering the above picture of Grammer was taken just days ago at the Monte Carlo Television Festival on June 18, and the actor looks perfectly fine. And, almost exactly a month ago, the inconsistent outlet actually had a story saying, “At 62, Kelsey Grammer is looking pretty good!”

Without getting into specifics, Grammer’s spokesperson maintains this new article is “fiction.” Of course, Gossip Cop has been busting fiction about the “Fraiser” star for years, including a 2014 piece from the online publication’s sister outlet, the National Enquirer, which claimed Grammer was having a “marriage meltdown.” More than two years later, the star and wife Kayte are still going strong. The same cannot be said for Radar and the Enquirer.

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