Gossip Girl Stars Kelly Rutherford And Matthew Settle are NOT Dating, Despite Reports (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kelly Rutherford Matthew Settle Dating

By Michael Lewittes |

Kelly Rutherford Matthew Settle Dating


“Gossip Girl” stars Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle are NOT dating in real life, despite a report by a naive website. Gossip Cop can exclusively confirm that they are just friends. The rumor began when wishful fans, seeing pictures of the two former co-stars hanging out, got their “Gossip Girl” characters’ names “Lily and Rufus” to trend on Twitter.

Upon seeing this, an overly excited HollywoodLife reported it was going to “bask in the glory of Kelly and Matthew! Lily and Rufus forever!” The webloid added, “This needs to be real. Lily and Rufus belong together!” The idea that the two fictional characters could be together offscreen was enough for the often inaccurate blog to exclaim, “We’re going to need a minute.”

Well, if HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife used that one minute to actually fact-check a story, they would have reported the truth. While it’s cute that the children who work at the webloid feel this “needs to be real,” Gossip Cop is sorry to inform them (1) the romance rumor about Rutherford and Settle is not true, and (2) the Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist.

Gossip Cop checked in with Rutherford’s rep, who exclusively tells us that the actress and Settle are “great friends,” but “that’s all.” If you need further confirmation of this, wait until tomorrow when HollywoodLife steals our story, much like a child steal candy from a store. Still, remember where you read it first. xoxo, Gossip Cop.


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