Kelly Rutherford Kids Coming Back To United States For Summer

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Kelly Rutherford Kids United States Summer

By Shari Weiss |

Kelly Rutherford Kids United States Summer

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Kelly Rutherford’s kids will come back to the United States for the summer, a Los Angeles judge ruled on Thursday. It was the latest decision in a years-long legal battle that is still not resolved.

As Gossip Cop reported, Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas previously gave Rutherford temporary sole custody of son Hermes, 8, and daughter Helena, 6, after ruling last month that ex-husband Daniel Giersch had seemingly violated their parenting agreement. Giersch has been raising the kids in Monaco ever since a different judge ordered them to live there following his deportation from the United States. Rutherford has been arguing ever since that the judgment essentially deported the children, who are U.S. citizens, too. The kids were supposed to return to the United States for visits, which never happened, and the “Gossip Girl” star has alleged that on some visits to Monaco, she wasn’t permitted to see them.

For those reasons, Judge Juhas a few weeks ago ordered their immediate return to the U.S., opting to give Rutherford temporary custody until the issues could be examined more closely. But as, Gossip Cop reported, a different L.A. judge recently halted that order, questioning both the truthfulness of some of Rutherford’s claims, and whether Los Angeles has jurisdiction over the case, given that the children have been residing in Monaco, where local courts have also been involved in the dispute.

On Thursday, however, following a conference call with a judge in Monaco, it was decided that the kids can return to the U.S. for the summer. Judge Juhas directed the attorneys on both sides to make the arrangements, and ordered a new hearing for July 9, where it will be evaluated whether he or the Monaco judge has jurisdiction going forward. It is further possible New York courts will be awarded the decision-making power, since that is where Rutherford has lived since 2013.

Though Giersch’s lawyer said he would comply with the directive to send the kids to the U.S. for the time-being, Rutherford has her doubts. In a post-hearing statement, the star said, “I can’t imagine that the children won’t be permitted to come to the United States as they’ve done for the past two summers. But, so far, their father has not kept up his side of the deal, and I am concerned that he will try to further prevent me from spending time with them.”

She added, “I hope this is finally coming to an end, and my children will soon be coming home.” Gossip Cop will continue to have updates. What do you think of the latest twist in Rutherford’s custody case?


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