Kelly Rutherford Won’t Be Getting Custody Of Her Kids Quite Yet

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kelly rutherford custody change

By James Crugnale |

kelly rutherford custody change

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Kelly Rutherford will not be seeing her kids so soon, according to a judge’s ruling. As Gossip Cop reported last week, the actress was awarded temporary sole custody of her children, Hermes and Helena, who are currently living with her ex-husband Daniel Giersch in Monaco, but her legal victory was short-lived because a Los Angeles judge now says there’s a question over whether the U.S. court has jurisdiction in the matter.

Giersch’s side filed documents this week alleging Rutherford “made fraudulent statements” and “lied” in her court papers, which helped her last week win custody of the kids. His lawyers are also arguing that a Monaco court has jurisdiction, not the Los Angeles court, when it comes to custody questions. Now, the Los Angeles judge and the judge in Monaco are set to have a conference call on June 11 in an attempt to straighten out the custody battle.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Rutherford filed for divorce from Giersch in 2008 while she was pregnant with her second child. In 2012, Giersch’s U.S. visa was revoked after he was found guilty of “fraud and other misconduct.” He then left the country to live in Europe. Later that year, a California judge ruled that the children would live with him abroad.

Rutherford has been fighting ever since to get custody of her children and have them live with her in U.S. A number of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, recently signed a petition on Rutherford’s behalf to ask President Obama to get involved with the international custody battle.

While a judge last week said that Giersch had not fulfilled his legal obligations to provide Rutherford with visitation rights, and therefore awarded her custody of their two kids, now everything is in limbo. What do you think of Kelly Rutherford’s legal setback?


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