Kelly Rutherford Cries Outside Court After Losing Kids (VIDEO)

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Kelly Rutherford cries custody battle

By Minyvonne Burke |

Kelly Rutherford cries custody battle

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Kelly Rutherford started crying outside Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday after losing her kids when a judge ordered the two children return to Monaco with their dad Daniel Giersch.

In the paparazzi footage, the “Gossip Girl” actress is seen leaving the courthouse with her legal team when a photographer asks how she’s doing. “I have no words at this moment,” says Rutherford. As she continues to make her way through the throng of paparazzi, she wipes away tears before getting inside a waiting black SUV.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, Rutherford was chastised by a New York judge for showing up to the hearing without her kids, Hermes, 8, and Helena, 6, as she had been ordered. The actress, who has been in a bitter custody battle for years with her ex-husband, spent the summer with her two children, who were supposed to return to Monaco last Thursday.

Rutherford argued that since courts in California and New York previously said they didn’t have jurisdiction over her case, the U.S. couldn’t force her to send her kids back to Monaco. When she appeared in court on Tuesday without the children, Judge Ellen Frances Gesmer told Rutherford she wasn’t happy her orders were disobeyed, and said the kid had to fly back to their father.

Rutherford is expected to fly to Monaco next month for a custody hearing on September 3. NOTE: The video of Kelly Rutherford crying after a judge ordered her kids back to Monaco is no longer available.


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