Kelly Ripa’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift From Mark Consuelos Will Make You Very Jealous

Kelly Ripa in a black dress standing next to Mark Consuelos in a dark suit.

By Hugh Scott |

Kelly Ripa in a black dress standing next to Mark Consuelos in a dark suit.

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have a marriage most of us can be jealous of. Hearing from Ripa on Live With Kelly And Ryan what he did on Valentine’s Day for her might just put us over the edge.

On the show, Ripa’s co-host, Ryan Seacrest, asked her about any Valentine’s Day memories she has and after saying that the holiday was mostly about their kids these days, there was a gesture from her husband years ago that she remembers best. “We were in Paris,” Ripa begins, immediately intriguing Seacrest. “Tell me,” Seacrest says. Ripa continues, “We were shopping, and I saw this beautiful necklace.” Okay, she has our attention now too.

“It was sort of a vintage-y piece of jewelry,” Ripa describes, “I just loved it.” The couple continued shopping and Ripa didn’t think about it again, saying, “I said, ‘Oh, that’s an amazing necklace.’ Didn’t really think too much about it, you know how you would just say something and move along? It wasn’t like a debate or chatter or anything.” But Consuelos didn’t just “move along.”

“I was with him the entire time,” Ripa explains, before dropping the punchline. “I get back to the hotel room and the necklace is on my pillow.” An astounded Seacrest responds, “He’s a magician. Paying attention and running special secret ops.” For Ripa, it wasn’t about the necklace. “I’m not materialistic at all,” she says, before adding, “it was the thought process behind it that made it so nice.”

Listening to Kelly Ripa tell that story only confirms Gossip Cop’s reporting on her marriage to Consuelos. The romantic couple’s relationship is almost tabloid-proof. Usually, when two celebrities are married, the gossip media is relentless on them, predicting divorce or reporting phony fights or worse. Ripa and Consuelos stand out as having such a strong relationship that even the tabloids dare not touch on those negative subjects.

Kelly Ripa does occasionally find herself in the center of a ridiculous report though. In October, the Globe falsely reported Ripa was hiding a “crippling” health crisis on its cover simply because she missed one show due to being sick. The report included inane quotes from a so-called “source” claiming that the host missing the show “could result in her losing the hosting gig entirely.“ The entire premise was false, as Gossip Cop reported. She is obviously doing just fine.

In an even more absurd report, in 2018 the same tabloid, clearly desperate to sell more papers, invented a story about Ripa eating her fingernails due to her diet. Once again the disreputable outlet quoted a supposed source who said, “She’s constantly picking at her nails and cuticles, and probably doesn’t even realize she’s doing it half the time… but it’s revolting her co-workers.” As with the health crisis story, Gossip Cop debunked this phony report as well.