Kelly Ripa “Slammed” Michael Strahan In Secret “Bombshell Video”?

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Kelly Ripa Slams Michael Strahan Secret Video

By Shari Weiss |


Kelly Ripa did NOT “slam” Michael Strahan in a secret “bombshell video,” despite an entirely misleading report. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

After Strahan’s last “Live with Kelly and Michael” aired on Friday morning, RadarOnline posted a story with a headline blaring, “Caught On Camera: Kelly Ripa Slams Michael Strahan & ABC Again!” The sub-headline further exclaims, “Watch the secret footage that didn’t make it on TV.” And the accompanying story says, “Newly released behind-the-scenes footage shows how Kelly Ripa couldn’t help but slam Strahan even in his last moments on set.”

The site goes on to detail the “secret footage,” describing how Ripa gave Strahan compliments before adding, “You always have a place to come and have Thanksgiving with your dysfunctional family. We really are a dysfunctional family.” The outlet then says Strahan “was not fazed by the apparent diss.”

And that’s because there wasn’t one. But let’s start from the beginning. The “bombshell video” and “secret footage” RadarOnline is referring to is actually just clips posted on the official “Live with Kelly and Michael” Instagram page after the live broadcast ended.

There is nothing “secret” about it. And while the webloid tried to get readers to click its story by making it seem it had obtained something juicy, the actual video isn’t even featured in the article. And that’s probably because the footage doesn’t match the way the site is spinning it.

Ripa wasn’t “slamming” Strahan with her “dysfunctional family” remark. She was being self-deprecating, as she often is, and she’s actually jokingly made that comment many times over the years, referring to producer Michael Gelman and staff. It wasn’t a diss in those instances, and it’s not now, either.

Gossip Cop often calls out RadarOnline for its sensationalism, and this is an incredibly egregious example to add to the ever-growing list. Check out the non-secret video below and see how Ripa wasn’t “slamming” Strahan in any way.

#MichaelStrahan had some farewell words after the show. #BehindTheScenes #KellyandMichael

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Kelly Ripa slammed Michael Strahan in a recent video.

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