Kelly Ripa: I Want New Co-Host I Can ‘Trust’

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Kelly Ripa New Co-Host Trust Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Kelly Ripa New Co-Host Trust Interview

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Kelly Ripa knows what she wants in her new “Live with Kelly” co-host: Someone she can “trust.”

In a new excerpt from her People magazine cover story, Ripa opens up about finding a replacement for Michael Strahan. He, of course, is leaving the talk show after blindsiding her with the news that he’s joining “Good Morning America.” Ripa now says she’s looking for three things in particular: “Chemistry and camaraderie and trust.”

Of finding the right person, she stresses, “It doesn’t fall out of the sky. It takes a lot of work, and it takes a group discussion.” Ripa likens the process to doing a puzzle, explaining, “Let’s see, if we put somebody here and somebody there, and, ‘Oh, this guy really likes to talk about this,’ or, ‘This guy’s really good here,’ or, ‘This lady is amazing,’ or, ‘She was great last time, let’s give her another shot.'”

“You want somebody working there who’s comfortable working there,” she adds. And the perfect match may be a woman. Ripa tells the magazine, “From my perspective, I like to get as many different people, men and women, in the chair as possible. Just because you never know who you’re going to hit it off with. Some of the people I’ve hit it off with the best have been women, which is not unusual for me. I’m a girls’ girl. I like the dynamic of that.”

Strahan’s final episode will air on Friday. Gossip Cop will have full coverage.


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