Why Kelly Ripa Said She Would Never Try The Keto Diet

Kelly Ripa in a black shirt sitting back on a couch

By Elyse Johnson |

Kelly Ripa in a black shirt sitting back on a couch

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Kelly Ripa takes her health seriously. The television host and actress is very much into keeping herself on a healthy diet and making sure she is taking care of herself. Even though the actress is an advocate for healthy eating, there is one diet she won’t try: the keto diet. A lot of celebrities and public figures have stood behind the keto diet. The ketogenic, or  “keto” diet is a low-carb, high fat diet that’s purpose is to make an individual get more from protein and fat rather than carbohydrates and simple sugars.

While on a keto diet, a person will cut back on carbs and sugars. Instead, people following this diet are urged to eat eggs, meat, seafood, and low-carb vegetables. The keto diet is often best for people with particular medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes, acne, or heart disease. It’s also effective for weight loss.

Why Kelly Ripa Won’t Go Keto

During an interview with Bon Appetit, the host shared that while her husband Mark Consuelos practices the keto diet, it’s not something she’d do for herself. “My husband has gone full keto, which I don’t mind telling you is something I could never do. I just don’t have that level of discipline,” Ripa claimed. The host continued that she’s not picky when it comes to what she wants to eat, she doesn’t limit herself.

“Mark says that I’m ‘carb-o,’ because I always eat his bun if he gets a burger. And the fries. But you know, I work out, so I feel like I’m allowed. I’m 48, I’m entitled, and I’m eating whatever I want to eat,” Ripa explained. In another interview with the outlet, Ripa revealed that she has a very rigorous workout plan she sticks to, but she still loves to eat food. “I work out seven days a week, but I’m a snacker. It’s my downfall,” the host said.

The Keto Diet Has Some Divided

Even though Ripa isn’t one to try keto, there have been other media personalities that have successfully used the popular diet. Al Roker began the diet in September 2019 and has vocally defended his choice to follow the plan. The weatherman stood by the diet after Jillian Michaels publicly spoke out against it and claimed she didn’t understand why anyone would follow it.

Roker took to Twitter to speak out against Michaels’ words, leading to a public disagreement between the two over the matter. Roker still stood his ground when he spoke about the diet on The Today Show claiming that it’s “up to people” if they want to follow it.