Kelly Ripa And Jussie Smollett ‘Live’ Video: Watch Karaoke Go Hilariously Wrong

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Kelly Ripa Jussie Smollett Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kelly Ripa Jussie Smollett Video


Kelly Ripa and Jussie Smollett had a hilariously bad karaoke session at the end of Tuesday’s “Live with Kelly.” Watch below!

Smollett was the co-host on today’s show, only the second since Michael Strahan’s controversial exit. The live broadcast got off to a spirited start when the singer-actor and Ripa danced their way on stage to one of Smollett’s songs from “Empire.” Their chemistry was obvious from the get-go, and continued through the co-host chat, and interviews with Andy Samberg and Michael Weatherly.

At various points during the episode, it was teased that Ripa and Smollett would do karaoke later on as part of a “co-host challenge.” But when the time for “karaoke roulette” came, it didn’t exactly go smoothly. The FOX star spun a wheel to determine their first song, but after it landed on “Dancing In The Streets,” both repeatedly missed cues to start singing. “That was a disaster like I thought it’d be,” Ripa quipped.

“Boogie Fever” didn’t go much better, and then the wheel ended up landing on “Dancing In The Streets” again. There was one flawless moment, however, when Smollett actually serenaded Ripa. But since karaoke is often supposed to be bad (that’s part of the fun!), we’ll say it was all a job well done. Ripa even joked, “Everyone can just sit back and make fun of us at home.” Check out the video below!


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