Kelly Ripa “Live With Kelly” Video: Jimmy Kimmel Co-Hosts First Show Without Michael Strahan

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Kelly Ripa Jimmy Kimmel Live Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kelly Ripa Jimmy Kimmel Live Video


“Live with Kelly and Michael” officially became “Live with Kelly” on Monday as Kelly Ripa hosted her first show since Michael Strahan’s departure. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Strahan’s final episode aired on Friday, just a few weeks after it was revealed he will be joining “Good Morning America” full time. He was expected to stay on “Live” until late summer, but his exit was moved up by several months. Now for the first edition of the re-branded talk show, Ripa was joined by Jimmy Kimmel as the guest co-host.

The live broadcast began with newly-edited opening credits before Ripa and Kimmel walked out holding hands. “Where’s Michael?” Kimmel deadpanned when the cheers died down. “Everything alright?” Ripa then went on to note, “As is tradition, whenever we re-launch the show, my co-host is Jimmy Kimmel.”

Kimmel then deadpanned again, “Let’s start from the beginning: What happened?” He then revealed he was on the “Howard Stern Show” earlier in the morning, and they came up with a list of questions to get to the bottom of the situation. Turning to the show’s executive producer, Kimmel asked, “Gelman, will you ever talk to Michael Strahan again?… Will he be back on the show as a guest?”

Kimmel then asked about Friday’s farewell show, where Strahan and Ripa were affectionate. “Was that genuine?” he wondered. Ripa insisted, “We don’t fake hug and kiss.” Kimmel then went on to point out that reports claiming Strahan’s photos would immediately be taken down from the offices were false, as plenty of pictures were still up.

Hilariously, Kimmel then unveiled a “Wheel of New Co-Hosts” to help Ripa choose a permanent replacement. The options were Kylie Jenner, Jon Bon Jovi, JoJo from “The Bachelorette,” Derek Jeter, Pippa Middleton, Becky with the Good Hair, and party-sized summer sausage.” Ripa’s spin actually landed on the sausage, prompting Kimmel to then crack, “Bad news. The sausage says it’s leaving to go to ‘Good Morning America.'”

Kimmel, of course, is not in the running to replace Strahan as he’s staying put with his late-night show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” But as both programs air on ABC, having him be the first person to fill-in allowed some network synergy to kick-off the transition. Check out the video below!


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