Kelly Ripa Hiding ‘Crippling’ Health Crisis?

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Kelly Ripa Health Crisis

By Andrew Shuster |

Kelly Ripa Health Crisis

(The Globe)

Is Kelly Ripa hiding a “crippling” health crisis that might require emergency surgery? That’s what one of the tabloids is alleging. Gossip Cop has learned the story is completely untrue.

On Thursday, September 19, Ripa missed a taping of Live with Kelly and Ryan because she was feeling sick. The TV host returned to the show the following Monday and explained that she was feeling “a lot better,” even joking, “Rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated.” The talk show host didn’t get into the details of her health issue, but she had visited a medical facility and was released after a quick examination.

The Globe has decided to exploit Ripa’s minor medical issue with an over-the-top cover story about her suffering a serious “health crisis.” An alleged source is quoted as saying, “People were so concerned she missed the taping that they were afraid she might need surgery! Kelly’s not one to miss a show unless it’s something that’s absolutely serious.”

From there, the supposed insider speculates that Ripa must be seriously ill because missing a show could result in her losing the hosting gig entirely. “She knows that in television, everyone is vulnerable,” says the questionable tipster. “She hasn’t forgotten how she easily slid into Kathie Lee Gifford’s seat even after years of audiences embracing her as Regis Philbin’s partner.” It should be noted, it was Gifford’s decision to leave Live back in 2000. Ripa didn’t join the show until the following year, so it’s not as if she stole her spot.

Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Ripa, who tells us the tabloid’s report regarding her health is “entirely fabricated.” We’re assured the talk show host’s medical issue “was nothing alarming or serious.” Live with Kelly and Ryan has been taping all week and there’s absolutely no indication that Ripa is still feeling ill.

This isn’t the first time the Globe has concocted a bogus story involving the TV personality’s health. Last year, Gossip Cop called out the tabloid for falsely claiming Ripa suffers from a nervous compulsion that causes her to eat her fingernails. There was no truth to the bizarre premise.

When the magazine isn’t busy making up stories about the talk show host’s health, it creates fake articles about her marriage. In July, Gossip Cop busted the for wrongly reporting Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos were renewing their vows with a $1 million wedding in the Hamptons. The spouses of 23 years are very much in love, but there was no vow renewal ceremony. The unreliable publication simply has zero insight into any aspect of Ripa’s personal life.


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