Kelly Ripa And Fred Savage “Live With Kelly” Video: Watch Hilarious Sex Talk!

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Kelly Ripa Fred Savage Live Kelly Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kelly Ripa Fred Savage Live Kelly Video


Fred Savage cracked up Kelly Ripa on Monday’s “Live With Kelly” by telling a hilarious story about having sex to conceive his first child. Watch below!

Savage was back as a co-host by “very most popular demand,” and revealed that while he made the trip to New York alone, it’s already been bringing back some very interesting memories. “The last time I was at this hotel, we made our first baby at this hotel,” he revealed. “So I call my wife, I’m like, ‘So you’ll never guess where I am.'”

“Is that why you named your baby Trump Towers?” Ripa cracked, to which he corrected, “Hotel Radisson Savage.” But as Savage went on to recall that fateful night with some potentially-TMI details, Ripa warned viewers, “Children at home, this is where babies come from.”

Savage explained that he and his wife were so determined to get pregnant that they were relying on ovulation sticks to find out the best time to have sex. But on that trip to New York, they went out for a huge dinner, before his wife discovered their window of opportunity. “Our stomachs were so distended, I don’t even know how [it happened],” the former child star admitted. “I don’t know how we got from here to there, but our son’s 9, and he’s great.”

Ripa then made sure there were no kids in the audience before sharing details about her own sexy time. “Mark [Consuelos] knows we won’t be having any post-meal activity if I have anything greater than a salad,” she confessed. “He knows if I just say I’ll have a light salad, he gets excited. ‘This is a sure thing tonight!'”

Savage went on to amusingly note, “I feel that way sometimes when my wife shaves her legs. And she’s like, ‘That’s not for you, I’m wearing a dress tomorrow!'” But then things got even funnier when he shared a hilarious story about prepping for his co-hosting gig last week.

“The Grinder” star said he and his wife had been watching a recent “Live with Kelly” episode in bed when things started getting “amorous.” But as things progressed, the Mrs. wanted to know, “Are we watching Kelly or are we gonna fool around?” “And I was like, do you have to choose? Maybe both can be happening,” Savage remembered. “Why not? Why is it one or the other?”

At this point, Ripa was laughing so hard, she announced, “The back of my head hurts.” She added, “That is the funniest thing you’ve ever said.” The whole video is pretty long, but worth the watch. Check it out below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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