Kelly Ripa Jokes About “Contract Negotiations” With Awkward Michael Strahan On “Live” – WATCH VIDEO

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Kelly Ripa Contract Negotiations Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kelly Ripa Contract Negotiations Video


Kelly Ripa cracked a joke about “contract negotiations” on Thursday’s “Live with Kelly and Ripa,” as Michael Strahan awkwardly showed no reaction. Check out the video below.

The quick, but pointed comment came during an animal segment, in which wildlife expert Peter Gros introduced the two to a rather loud armadillo. He explained that due to its small size and toothless mouth, the mammal makes shrieking noises to ward off predators. That led Ripa to quip, “I want to take him into contract negotiations with me!”

With Ripa laughing, Gros joked right back, “He always gets his way with a predator!” Strahan, though, stayed straight-faced. He then went on with the segment like Ripa never made the remark.

The allusion to Ripa’s future with the show comes two days after she made a big return to the program in the wake of Strahan’s departure news. As Gossip Cop reported, the blindsided TV personality took some time off last week, then gave a carefully-worded speech on Tuesday about respect in the workplace. Shortly after that broadcast, it was revealed Strahan’s exit date was moved up to mid-May from late summer.

Neither has addressed his final show date, which is just two weeks away, on air, and the “contract negotiations” crack marks the first time there’s been any reference to behind-the-scenes drama since Tuesday’s episode. While the plan is start auditioning new co-hosts for Ripa later this spring, it’s believed her own contract is up sometime next year. ABC executives might want to prepare themselves to see an armadillo in that meeting. Watch below.


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