Kelly Ripa NOT Bailing On Cancer Charity To Attend Ballet, Despite Report

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Kelly Ripa Ballet

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Kelly Ripa Ballet

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Kelly Ripa is not bailing on hosting a cancer charity event to just attend the ballet, despite an untrue report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this falsehood. We investigated, and the claim is entirely inaccurate.

According to the National Enquirer, Ripa is not hosting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance’s fundraiser on Thursday because she “got a better offer from her pal Sarah Jessica Parker to join her at the opening night of the New York City Ballet.” The supermarket tabloid, which calls Ripa a “social climber,” maintains her alleged “last-minute” dropping out of the cancer charity has now left the event without a host. Oddly, the magazine alleges “sources” say (in unison), “Kelly has wanted to be part of the fancy New York society scene for a long time and Sarah Jessica Parker has just offered Kelly a way in.”

The article is wrong on several fronts. While the magazine expresses surprise that Ripa would pass on hosting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance’s fundraiser, since she’s been doing it “forever,” the benefit has actually changed. The event she used to host, “Super Saturday,” has moved from the Hamptons to New York and is now a two-day fundraiser in the fall, as opposed to a one-day sale in the summer. More significantly, the “Live” host didn’t “bail” on this year’s charity. She wasn’t asked to host this new event.

Far from the tabloid’s depiction that she “got a better offer from her pal,” Ripa and Parker are actually both co-chairs of the New York City Ballet’s Fall Gala. Additionally, Ripa is not a “social climber.” She’s simply a ballet aficionado. Last year, Ripa told Dance magazine, “I was a ballet dancer for 13 years.” She also launched a ballet competition show called “Joffrey Elite.” And in 2012, Ripa even auditioned for the New York City Ballet’s “Nutcracker” during a segment on “Live.”

Gossip Cop also checked in with a source close to the talk show personality, and we’re told the tabloid’s story is “ridiculous and untrue.” We reached out to a rep for Ripa, but have yet to hear back. We also sought a comment from the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance.

The National Enquirer doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to reporting about the morning show host. More than a year ago, Gossip Cop busted the supermarket tabloid when it falsely maintained Ripa was quitting “Live” because she felt betrayed by Ryan Seacrest, who the magazine said was moving the show to the West Coast. Naturally, she never quit nor did Seacrest relocate “Live” to Los Angeles, and this time around, Ripa did not blow off hosting a cancer charity so she could go to the ballet with Sarah Jessica Parker. Maybe it’s time the publication bail on its Ripa “sources” and find better ones.


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