Kelly Ripa Forced To Take Pay Cut?

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Kelly Ripa Pay Cut Salary

By Michael Lewittes |

Kelly Ripa Pay Cut Salary

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Kelly Ripa is being forced to “take a massive pay cut,” claims one of this week’s tabloids. The report further alleges “ABC is rethinking its 26-year relationship with Kelly” after supposed behind-the-scenes “bad behavior” by Ripa following the “Live” host being blindsided by Michael Strahan’s departure for “Good Morning America.” Gossip Cop investigated, and can exclusively separate what’s fact from fiction.

A so-called “insider” tells the repeatedly disproven In Touch, “[ABC’s] going to slash her $20 million yearly salary to $10 million.” The same seemingly made-up or woefully misinformed “insider” further claims, “It’s obvious to execs that Kelly’s ego has gotten out of control. She’s been acting like a big diva and overplayed her hand this time by not showing up to work after it was announced Michael was leaving.” The magazine’s unnamed “insider” says ABC feels Ripa has acted “extremely unprofessional.”

But that’s not all, claims the tabloid. Its specious source goes on to say the network is not only “prepared to play tough” with Ripa, but it’s also ready to “go on without Kelly should she not sign her new contract.” In fact, alleges the magazine’s source, ABC would be happy “if Kelly didn’t come back, because they could get someone else to fill her shoes for a lot less.”

While all very dramatic, the article is also entirely inaccurate. Ripa will not have to take a pay cut. ABC reps confirm the network is not trying to get rid of her. And a rep for Ripa also tells Gossip Cop the In Touch report is completely untrue.


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