Kelly Osbourne Wears Curly-Haired Wig To Mock Rachel Dolezal, Fans Strongly React

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Kelly Osbourne Wig Rachel Dolezal

By Michael Lewittes |

Kelly Osbourne Wig Rachel Dolezal

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Kelly Osbourne put on a curly-haired wig on Thursday to mock Rachel Dolezal, who for years pretended that she was black. The reality star hashtagged the photo she posted of herself in the wig, “#CallMeRachel#MyCasualLook” (see below). Now, fans are reacting strongly.

Osbourne seems to be a bit focused on Dolezal. Last week she noted on Instagram that she was “utterly shocked” by Dolezal and used the hashtag #WholeNewLevelOfWrong” to accompany side-by-side photos she posted of the former Spokane NAACP head as a straight-haired blonde girl and later as a “black” woman.

Fans, however, have mixed reactions to the photo Osbourne posted of herself in the wig. Some commenters on Instagram thought it was funny. One by the name of kperson12 wrote, “Oh my gosh!! I can’t stop laughing!” Similarly another fan named millikenchristie exclaimed, “Hilarious!” And a commenter called _kaisunshine added, “Lmfao i didnt think it was possible to love you any more.”

But there were plenty of other commenters who took issue with Osbourne wearing a wig to mock Dolezal in light of her quitting “Fashion Police” after being offended by Giuliana Rancic’s comments about Zendaya’s hair. itsamcgirl complained, “You got a lot of nerve my dear…. @zendaya @giulianarancic.” And a commenter with the handle cohen_miller noted, “Isn’t this kinda like bullying…? And also making fun of someone and their hairstyle…shes always the first one to sh*t herself if someone says something about others but shes doing exactly the same thing…..its only my personal opinion….I like you Kelly but Jeez dont be a Hypocrite.”

A commenter named missmnava asked, “How do you do this but get upset over a joke about patchouli oil and dreads?” Similarly, a fan named bee.reed questioned, “How is this different than what you slammed @giulianarancic for?” And a commenter with the name cashjill 14 said, “I don’t understand how Giuliana’s comment was offensive and this isn’t?”

Check out the photo below of Kelly Osbourne in a curly wig mocking Rachel Dolezal, and tell us what you think.

#CallMeRachel #MyCasualLook

A photo posted by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on


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