Kelly Osbourne Slammed After Showing Off Her Expensive New Dogs (PHOTO)

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kelly osbourne slammed dogs

By Michael Lewittes |

kelly osbourne dogs


Kelly Osbourne has enraged animal lovers after showing off her new dogs that cost thousands of dollars on Instagram. See right and below.

The former “Fashion Police” host paid a reported $11,000 for a new Pomeranian puppy, on top of additional fees to have the pooch flown to Los Angeles from South Korea. The new dog, named Sid, is said to be a sibling for Osbourne’s other pup, Nancy, which she paid a reported $16,000 for at an MS fundraiser earlier this year. Both canines are from Betty’s Teacup Yorkies, which is where Paris Hilton famously gets her dogs.

In Osbourne’s much-maligned picture, she holds her two tiny dogs and lovingly writes, “Me and my babies! My babies and me!!!!” Animal rights supporters expressed anger on Osbourne’s Instagram account, criticizing her for not adopting dogs from shelters, and instead seemingly promoting unnatural breeding. One Instagram user named “@real.michelle” commented, “So wrong to support this kind of breeding and breeding in general. You are supporting puppy mills and using your social influence to support breeding instead of adopting the millions of unwanted animals in shelters that are being killed every day.”

The person added, “Stop encouraging this by putting this on your Instagram it’s disgusting!” Follower “@gitana_natalia” posted, “Imagine if we had the funds like @kellyosbourne has. We could change the world, not continúe to doom it! #adoptdontshop #boycotkellyosbourne #changetheworld #insteadofbuyanimals #youshouldbetellingyourMomtostopwiththe #facelifts.”

Not everyone, however, thought Osbourne did something wrong. For instance, another user named “@cultdelunajewelry” stated, “[Osbourne] most likely did research on a private breeder. I may not agree with it but it is much safer than a pet store because those dogs come from puppy mills.”

Check out the photo below of Osbourne posing with her dogs, and tell us what you think.

kelly osbourne dogs



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