Kelly Osbourne Locks Herself In Bathroom For 30 Minutes (PHOTOS)

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kelly osbourne locked bathroom

By Jesse Spero |

kelly osbourne locked bathroom

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Kelly Osbourne had a bit of a “panic” on Friday after the doorknob in her bathroom broke and she was locked inside for 30 minutes. See photos of how the star freed herself below.

The 31-year-old Osbourne took to Insatgram to share her plight. “I have just locked myself [in] my own bathroom!!! Everyone is on the balcony on their phones and can’t hear me!” she captioned a shot of herself holding a broken door handle, along with the hashtag “#Panic.”

Her followers had a few suggestions for how she could get herself out of the jam. “USE YOUR PHONE….call them or 911,” one user suggested. “Send them a text,” another fan wrote. “You better be glad it wasn’t in a public bathroom!” a third fan added.

Unable to reach any of her friends, Osbourne was forced to get creative with her bathroom escape plan. “OMFG I freed myself!!!!! Thank god for tweezers & a little imagination!” she wrote in an another Instagram post, showing off how handy she was. Osbourne was later able to find humor in the situation. “#F*ckMyFriends they are all laughing at me! I was stuck in there for over 30 mins!” she added on social media. See Osbourne’s bathroom photos below.

(Instagram/Kelly Osbourne)

(Instagram/Kelly Osbourne)


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