Kelly Osbourne: I Got Kathy Griffin and Sia Kicked Out Of Theater After Laughing At Scarlett Johansson Movie (VIDEO)

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Kelly Osbourne Sia

By Daniel Gates |

Kelly Osbourne Sia


Kelly Osbourne got herself, Kathy Griffin and Sia tossed from from a movie theater. She told the entertaining story on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Watch the video below!

“We got kicked out of a movie theater once,” she told Kimmel. “It was my fault. I was with Sia and Kathy, and we went to see… it was Scarlett Johansson’s new movie [last year’s Under the Skin], and it was very artsy, men with big boners going into black liquid. I was giggling through the whole thing, because I thought I was going to see a comedy, [and] didn’t know what I was getting myself into, didn’t even know who was in the movie.”

She continued, “Needless to say, all the Beverly Hills kids with Los Feliz attitudes whose parents won’t let them move to New York were in that theater, and they didn’t like me very much. I got me, Sia and Kathy kicked out.” What exactly happened? “I just told [the other moviegoers] to f*ck off,” explained Osbourne. “We spent the rest of the time in the lobby of the ArcLight laughing.”

Kimmel had a pretty funny follow-up question: “When Sia goes to a movie, does she face the screen, or is she looking at the projector?” Given Sia’s general reluctance to show her face and her facing-the-wall performance at the Grammy Awards, it’s definitely worth asking.

By the way, we look forward to seeing how places like RadarOnline and Life & Style, having wrongly reported that Griffin and Osbourne are feuding, explain why the “Fashion Police” stars are going to movies with each other off hours and having giggle fits. It’s almost as though those “fight” stories were totally made up. In any case, watch Osbourne’s funny anecdote, and her amusing recap of some of Sunday’s Grammy Awards red carpet looks, in the videos below.


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