Kelly Osbourne: I Have Breast Cancer Gene (VIDEO)

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Kelly Osbourne BRCA Cancer Gene

By Shari Weiss |

Kelly Osbourne BRCA Cancer Gene


Kelly Osbourne says she has the BRCA1 gene mutation that puts women at higher risk for breast cancer. The star revealed the extremely personal news on “The Talk” on Tuesday, as she served as a guest co-host on her mother Sharon Osbourne’s chat show. The admission came during a discussion of Angelina Jolie’s announcement that she had her ovaries and fallopian tube removed last week, two years after undergoing a preventative double mastectomy. Watch below.

Like Jolie, Osbourne’s mom, who previously battled colon cancer, had her own preventative mastectomy in 2012 after discovering she, too, had the mutated gene. This is the first time, however, that it’s being revealed her daughter possesses it, too. “I actually do have the cancer gene,” Osbourne said. “My mom made all of us go and get tested after she found out that she had it and got her double mastectomy.”

Osbourne said she agreed with Jolie’s decision, and acknowledged that “one day” she may have to “do it, too.” “If I have children, I want to be there when they grow up,” she said, further noting, “I have been the child of a cancer survivor, so being on that end of it as well, it is really, really hard to deal with.” Osbourne added, “It’s something I praise Angelina for, because now people are going to go out on get tested.”

Jolie cautioned that one shouldn’t “leap to surgery” just because she has the gene, and Osbourne seems to be taking that approach as well. She told “Entertainment Tonight” backstage, “You can have the gene and never ever get [cancer]. It’s just keeping up with the doctor, going and getting checked all the time, and being responsible to yourself.” Check out the videos below, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The videos are no longer available.


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