Kelly Osbourne Bitten By Poisonous Spider Again (PHOTOS)

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Kelly Osbourne Spider

By Minyvonne Burke |

Kelly Osbourne Spider

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Kelly Osbourne was bitten by a poisonous spider again, she revealed on Monday. The former “Fashion Police” co-host shared the scary news by posting a picture to Instagram of seven vials of blood, which she captioned, “I got bit on the neck by a poisonous spider again!!! Look how much blood they had to take!!” See the photos below.

Earlier on Monday, Osbourne posted a picture of herself waiting in the doctor’s office wearing sunglasses with a big red bruise on her neck (see below). She also noted in the captioned to her picture, “When you are in the doctors office w/ a diagram of a penis above your head & no one tells you!!”

Osbourne didn’t reveal when she was bit or how it happened, but ironically this isn’t the first time she’s been bitten by a poisonous spider. Last year, Osbourne tweeted that she had to get a shot in her jaw because of a spider bite. “I have no words to express how much a spider bite to the face hurts,” wrote Osbourne at the time, adding, “Plus a large injection in my jaw… today sucks balls!”

Check out the photos below from Kelly Osbourne trip to the doctor’s office after getting bit by a spider.

Kelly Osbourne spider bite


Kelly Osbourne spider bite



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