Kelly Osbourne Pooped On By Bat: Payback For Ozzy’s Infamous Biting Stunt? (PHOTO)

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Kelly Osbourne Bat Poop

By Andrew Shuster |

Kelly Osbourne Bat Poop

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Kelly Osbourne revealed on Instagram on Wednesday that a bat attacked her and pooped on her head, and she shared a photo featuring the “evidence” (see below). Of course, her father Ozzy famously bit a bat’s head off during a rock concert in 1982. Is this the payback?

Along with an image of some bat excrement nesting on the top of her head, Kelly wrote, “#F***MyLife walked down the street… where a f***ing bat attacked me and sh*t on my head!” It should be noted that Kelly’s hair is currently dyed purple, but the bat decorated her scalp with a different shade.

One of the most infamous moments in rock history occurred at Ozzy’s concert in Des Moines, Iowa on January 20, 1982. After an audience member threw a bat onstage during the rocker’s performance, Ozzy picked up the creature and bit its head clean off. The singer later revealed that the bat bit him as well, and he had to be treated for rabies after the show. Ozzy has also claimed that he believed the bat was a rubber toy.

Regardless of his intentions, it would appear that bats are out for vengeance on the Osbourne family, who should all probably watch their heads. See Kelly’s bat poop photo below, but be forewarned, it’s pretty gross.

Kelly Osbourne Bat Poop Head



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