Kelly Clarkson Talks Harassment, Hillary Clinton On “The View”

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Kelly Clarkson The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kelly Clarkson The View Video


On Tuesday’s “The View,” Kelly Clarkson gave a wide-ranging interview. She spoke about everything from harassment to her relief that people like her new album. Watch the video below.

The ABC talk show actually spent all month teasing Clarkson’s appearance. In early November, the program debuted a new promo set to her song “Love So Soft,” and revealed she’d be one of many stars to appear in the weeks to come. Now that day finally came. The interview began with Whoopi Goldberg noting the singer is outspoken on social media, despite occasional pushback.

Clarkson explained that she sees social media as an “opportunity” for “discussions,” and reminded that she’s just as entitled to weigh in on topics as anyone else. “I’m an American citizen. I have four children. I have to explain a lot of things daily with the news,” she pointed out, stressing, “I always try to respond as a positive human would… At the end of the day, you’re not going to get anywhere just being hateful.”

Joy Behar next brought up Hillary Clinton giving Clarkson a shout-out in her book, What Happened. The performer said that regardless of one’s politics, “there’s a lot of pressure when you’re in the public eye,” and she thought the reference to her song “Stronger” was “light-hearted.” Sunny Hostin then asked Clarkson about the current sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood, and she explained that she supports having an “open discussion.”

If someone made inappropriate marks to her, she said, “If you feel comfortable saying that to me, I’m going to [repeat it]… I’ll call it out. If somebody asks me a question, I’m not going to lie for you.” Clarkson explained it’s not about “attacking someone,” but “just telling your honest story.” Then, with all that serious stuff out of the way, Clarkson spoke about the “soulful pop vibe” of her recent album, Meaning Of Life, and the children’s book inspired by her daughter.

Interestingly, just hours before the broadcast, it was revealed Clarkson scored a Grammy nomination. She tweeted in response to the big news, “I just heard I was nominated for a #Grammy for Love So Soft!! Congrats to @edsheeran @ladygaga @Pink and @KeshaRose as well!! I didn’t even think I would be eligible for this year YAAASSSSS What an amazing group of artists to be nominated with?! Love all of them!!” Check out “The View” video below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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