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Is Kelly Clarkson "permanently" replacing Jennifer Hudson on "The Voice"? That's the false rumor spreading online this week from an unreliable blog. Gossip Cop has learned that no final decisions have been made regarding either star's future with the NBC music competition.

But Naughty Gossip, which is associated with RadarOnline and the National Enquirer, is announcing in a headline, "Kelly Clarkson Replaces Jennifer Hudson On 'The Voice' Permanently." According to the site, Clarkson will be "spinning round in her judge's chair... for as long as she wants now that the show has offered her a permanent seat." So-called "sources" are quoted as saying, "At first people were suspicious that she was only hired because she was the first winner of 'American Idol' and now the two singing shows go head-to-head. But that isn't true. 'The Voice' had been talking to Kelly for some time."

"Had they known she would have been this great they would have pushed harder years ago to get her to say 'yes,'" these alleged tipsters collectively claim. The purported insiders go on to contend, "Now they hope Kelly never leaves. Which is not good news for Jennifer Hudson!" On top of it being highly suspicious that these quotes are attributed to "sources," as if multiple people said the exact same thing, there's more falsehoods here than truths.

The story maintains "the show has had more trouble finding the right female judges," pointing out that "Blake and Adam have been with the show since the beginning." Yes, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have stuck with the gig since season 1. But other male coaches for "The Voice" have cycled in and out, including Cee Lo Green, Usher and Pharrell. So there's been variations season to season among both genders, not strictly with the women.

Additionally, even though Hudson was a coach on season 13 and Clarkson is now a coach on season 14, the latter didn't actually "replace" the former. They actually joined the program around the same time. Clarkson was announced as a new coach on "The Voice" on May 11, 2017, exactly one day after it was revealed Hudson would be a coach, too. Clarkson was never brought on as Hudson's specific replacement. Hudson's season hadn't even started filming yet.

And while it's true Clarkson had been in talks with "The Voice" for almost four years, her future with the series has no bearing on whether or not Hudson returns. Even if Clarkson were to have a "permanent seat," there'd still be another slot available that Hudson could occupy, if both she and the producers wanted. So the entire premise of this story is inherently flawed.

Furthermore, a rep for Hudson tells Gossip Cop that "nothing has been announced yet" regarding the upcoming fall cycle, which will mark the show's 15th season. Hudson's involvement with "The Voice" for the last fall cycle wasn't made official until May 10, 2017. So, given that today's April 14 of 2018, there's still a few weeks for a decision to be finalized for the next fall round. Regardless of when exactly the announcement comes and no matter who is on the panel next season, this spin that Clarkson has "permanently" replaced Hudson simply isn't accurate. Even if Hudson doesn't return, it will have nothing to do with Clarkson's role.

This is now the second time this week that Gossip Cop has busted Naughty Gossip for spreading misinformation when it comes to TV music competitions. On Friday, we corrected the blog when it wrongly alleged Katy Perry was being replaced on "American Idol" and that Taylor Swift might take her spot next season. These two erroneous reports make it clear the website has no real insight on such matters.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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