Kelly Clarkson: I Did NOT Call Miley Cyrus A “Pitchy Stripper” — WATCH VIDEO!

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Kelly Clarkson Watch What Happens Live Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kelly Clarkson Watch What Happens Live Video


Kelly Clarkson says she NEVER called Miley Cyrus a “pitchy stripper,” despite a suggestive tweet that led many to believe otherwise. Watch video below.

Clarkson appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” for the very first time on Thursday, and, as the episode’s only guest, Andy Cohen naturally made the singer play his signature Plead The Fifth game. But when the host brought up Clarkson’s 2013 post-VMAs “pitchy stripper” tweet and asked if she would still describe Cyrus’ singing that way, Clarkson pointed out that she never named names.

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Cyrus’ raunchy performance of “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke sparked a major controversy, and Clarkson tweeted the next day, “Just saw a couple performances from the VMA’s last night. 2 words…. #pitchystrippers.” Many assumed she was dissing Cyrus, but Clarkson now says, “I never said Miley Cyrus! The fact that I said and tweeted ‘pitchy stripper’ and people thought Miley Cyrus is not my problem.”

Clarkson went on, “I never said Miley Cyrus. Everyone else said Miley Cyrus when I did that. That’s not my fault.” That said, the pop star refused to set the record straight on just to whom she was referring. “You’re trying to manipulate me!” she told Cohen, and then jokingly said she’d just drink more and “blame it on the alcohol.”

Cohen also asked Clarkson whether Justin Guarini’s claims that they once had a “fling” were true, and that the star did confirm. “We did date a little bit,” Clarkson said, explaining, “I think any two people who are thrown together that much [would date]. You’re a guy, girl. I’m just sayin’.”

Clarkson also discussed being more nervous to perform for her future husband Brandon Blackstock than President Obama, and spoke so highly of having Reba McEntire as a mother-in-law, Cohen wondered if the country music legend had any gay sons for him. Check out all the videos below, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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