Kelly Clarkson, Dax Shepard Criticized By Fans For Voting Hillary Clinton

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Kelly Clarkson Dax Shepard Hillary Clinton Tweets

By Shari Weiss |

Kelly Clarkson Dax Shepard Hillary Clinton Tweets

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Kelly Clarkson and Dax Shepard were both criticized by fans on Tuesday after voting for Hillary Clinton.

As Gossip Cop has reported, celebrities are tweeting about Election Day and many stars are sharing photos showing they voted. In Clarkson’s case, she shared an old photo she took with Clinton a number of years ago, writing, “I’ve been a fan of this woman for years #proof #vote #imissmyshorthair.” She went on to post a meme showcasing her “American Idol” victory with the text, “Make the right choice again, America. #Election2016.”

Referring to “Idol” runner-up Justin Guarini, Clarkson quipped, “just kidding Justin.” But while the singer’s tweets were meant to be celebratory and humorous, one fan voiced her disappointment. In reply to the tweet of Clarkson’s Clinton photo, @fulapoch wrote to the star, “this is the first time I’ve ever been disappointed by anything you do. I’m a super fan #yourchoice #makesmesad.”

To her credit, Clarkson maturely replied, “We all have a voice and I respect yours. I’m never sad when people stand for what they believe in. I’m sad when they don’t stand at all.” That tweet has since been “liked” more than 1,300 times.

Meanwhile, after Shepard sent numerous tweets supporting Clinton and ripping Trump, a user with the handle @Biloximeemaw wrote back, “Dammit, I so liked you in Parenthood, thought you’d be someone I’d love to hang out with. I see UR just a good actor.” He replied, “You can still like my acting. I still love Michael Jackson’s music.”

Shepard’s analogy didn’t seem to go over so well with the critic, who had a photo of herself with Trump set as her Twitter profile picture. The star ended up having similar exchanges with others, including @haleygmiddleton, who told him to “stick to acting.” Shepard’s retort: “great, I’ll stick to acting if you stick to selling Mary Kay.”

Clarkson and Shepard, of course, are not the only stars who received a negative response from followers for tweeting about their voting preference. But they are two examples of celebrities who actually decided to respond to the criticism, albeit in different ways.

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