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Were Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson clashing on the set of The Voice last year? One tabloid claimed so. Gossip Cop looked into the story at the time. Here’s a look back on the tale.

Gwen Stefani Can't Stand Kelly Clarkson?

On this day last year, we reported that Life & Style was claiming Clarkson and Stefani weren’t getting along while filming the talent show. According to the tabloid, the co-hosts were clashing due to their different personalities, as Clarkson is more enthusiastic than Stefani. A source told the magazine Stefani “couldn’t help but cringe every time Kelly screams or starts jumping out of her chair,” adding the No Doubt singer found the country star “flat-out” annoying.

Blake Shelton Had Issues With Kelly Too?

The publication’s tipster further revealed Blake Shelton was also disturbed by Clarkson’s bubbly persona. The unnamed insider claimed Shelton “didn’t hate” the American Idol winner but asserted the country singer compared working with Clarkson was “having an annoying little sister who won't stop interrupting you."

What's Really Happening On The Set Of 'The Voice'

Gossip Cop wasted no time in correcting this phony narrative. Kelly Clarkson is a very energetic person on and off camera, but that didn’t mean any of her co-hosts found her to be “annoying,” particularly Gwen Stefani. We disproved the silly report when it came out after proving Stefan and Clarkson are friends in real life. Recently, it was reported by a more reliable outlet, Entertainment Tonight, that Clarkson leaned on Blake Shelton and Stefani for support amid her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

If Stefani or Shelton weren’t getting along with the “Since You Been Gone” singer, we doubt they’d be there for her in such an intimate way. Gossip Cop has also corrected many other rumors about Clarkson feuding with Shelton and Stefani.

The Tabloids Keep Lying

As for Life & Style, we’ve busted the tabloid for being incorrect several times before. Last month, we corrected the publication for claiming Stefani was smothering Shelton. The outlet’s narrative asserted the pop singer was obsessed with Shelton and since she returned to The Voice she was with her partner "all the time." Gossip Cop dismissed the ridiculous story when it came out.

Last October, we debunked another story from the magazine that alleged Stefani and Shelton wed on her 50th birthday. The outlet contended the pair married in a secret ceremony in the woods, yet, we discovered that’s not what happened. In reality, the “Sweet Escape” singer spent her birthday at home with Shelton and her three sons. Gossip Cop exposed the outlet once again for its unreliability. Since the couple just announced their engagement a couple of days, it's clear the tabloids have no secret insight into their relationship.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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