Kellan Lutz On Kristen Stewart: “I’m Proud Of Her For Being Herself”

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Kellan Lutz Kristen Stewart Ellen Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Kellan Lutz Kristen Stewart Ellen Interview

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Kellan Lutz opens up about Twilight, Kristen Stewart, and his career goals in a new interview, in which he says becoming friendly with Twihards helped him deal with rising fame.

Reflecting on the massive success of the Twilight Saga, and the hysteria that surrounded it, Lutz tells, “During Twilight I learned that if you make your fans your friends, they’re not as crazy. A lot of the actors became so shy that they became unapproachable, which made the fans so crazy that they just wanted to rip their clothes off of them.”

While he doesn’t name who exactly was “unapproachable,” Elle brings up misconceptions about Stewart, and Lutz admits he wanted to work with her “so bad” in Still Alice, in the role of her character’s brother, a part that ultimately went to Hunter Parrish. “Brilliant script. Everyone killed it. I mean, what a great movie,” he gushes. “I read the script and I was like, ‘I want this.’ I even hit Kristen up and was like, ‘Put in a good word!'”

That obviously didn’t work out, but Lutz has nothing but praise for his former co-star. He says, “Regarding Kristen, you know, I’m proud of her for being herself. Times have changed now — there’s a lot of invasion of privacy and a lot of ruined moments. What [the paparazzi] take, capture, and release is often taken as a reflection of who that person is.”

Elle wonders if Lutz ever wants to “reframe the perception” people have of him, and he insists he doesn’t “care,” explaining, “People just have this perception of what I’m like because of the roles that I play. If I get people to believe that I’m this air-headed, unintelligent beefcake, I must be doing a good job.”

The actor continues, “But I know myself: I’m intellectual. I’m intelligent. I have a massive passion for science, mathematics, and writing.” And those interests are actually coming in handy on Lutz’s new FOX extreme competition show, “Bullseye.” But what does the future hold? “I never want to retire,” admits Lutz. “I think that’s when you truly age. I know friends’ parents who are in their 80s and still working. I forever want to act. I forever want to have an amazing family. I forever want to create.”

Interestingly, though, making it to the Academy Awards is not part of Lutz’s desired career path. He tells, “I don’t have the dream to win an Oscar. But, like, a lot of people get validation, or feel that there’s a level of success that comes from winning awards. Personally, I don’t need that. If I do [win an award], amazing! Look at Matthew McConaughey and what he’s done…”

“I love doing action movies. I love doing comedies. I love doing dramas. And if I do one of those that wins an award, great, but I’m never going to choose a project to win an award,” adds Lutz. What do you think of his interview?


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