Keith Urban "upset" about Nicole Kidman's "new on-screen love"? That's the claim in one of this week's tabloids, which alleges the singer is "isn't happy" about his wife having a "passionate affair with a young actor" in the second season of "Big Little Lies." But the only "lies" are the ones coming from the magazine.

According to In Touch, "jealousy" has come between Urban and Kidman over the proposed plotline for the next season of HBO's "Big Little Lies." A so-called "source" tells the tabloid the show's writers have "decided they want Nicole to have a hot, passionate affair with a young actor." The outlet's alleged tipster goes on to contend that Urban was "very sensitive" and "jealous" of her steamy scenes with Alexander Skarsgard last season and "isn't happy" with the new scenario slated for the second season. Her character, says the magazine's supposed "source," is set to get "involved with a charming young stud with a very dark past."

The publication further claims that Urban "thought he had nothing to worry about [this season] since Alexander's character was killed off. But Nicole's potential new plotline is causing a lot of tension in their relationship." And Kidman isn't helping matters, asserts the outlet. "Nicole is intent on going forward with the storyline... She wants to do what's best for the show," adds the seemingly made-up "source."

Gossip Cop investigated the outlet's report. For starters, it's unclear, at this point, whether there will even be a "Big Little Lies" season 2. There's been no announcement and even the cast and crew isn't sure about its future. That, of course, makes the tabloid's entire premise moot. It also makes it impossible for the magazine to maintain there's a plotline about Kidman's character having a hot affair with a "young stud" and Urban being "upset" about it. In any event, a source close to the couple, who didn't want to dignify the magazine's story with an on-the-record comment, exclusively assures Gossip Cop the magazine's claims are "crazy lies" and "laughable."

Of course, we're not surprised by the falsity of the publication's story. For years, the tabloid has untruthfully contended that Kidman and Urban were on the verge of split. In one particularly bogus report in 2016, the magazine switched it up and maintained it was Kidman's supposed "jealousy" that was tearing the couple apart.

As noted above, it's all untrue. In fact, on Thursday while celebrating Urban's 50th, Kidman posted on Facebook, "Happy birthday to my husband, best friend, lover, baby daddy and the greatest man in the world. We are so lucky that you are ours." Basically, if you don't mind reading big or little lies, there's In Touch, but if you want the truth, there's only one Gossip Cop.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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