Keith Urban NOT Upset About Nicole Kidman’s ‘Big Little Lies’ Sex Scenes, Despite Late And Wrong Report

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Keith Urban Upset Nicole Kidman Sex Scenes

By Holly Nicol |

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Keith Urban is NOT upset about Nicole Kidman’s sex scenes on “Big Little Lies,” despite yet another inaccurate report. Gossip Cop can bust this claim. We’re told it’s false.

“Nicole Kidman Goes Full Nude, While Hubby Burns With Jealousy,” reads a headline from the repeatedly discredited RadarOnline, which goes on to claim Urban is uncomfortable with Kidman’s sex scenes on the HBO series “Big Little Lies.” A so-called “source” tells the outlet, “Keith must be going nuts with jealousy watching his wife expose her naked body to another actor, and the world.”

What’s more, the webloid refers specifically to a “shocking shower scene” between Kidman and her costar Alexander Skarsgård, in which the pair “flashed plenty of flesh during a racy sex session,” leaving the singer distressed and jealous.

Gossip Cop, however, already debunked this seemingly made-up report when the often disproven National Enquirer made the same inaccurate claim only days ago. The supermarket tabloid falsely alleged Urban was upset about Kidman’s sex scenes on the show, but an impeccable and trustworthy source close to the situation assured us the entire story was false. Urban is not upset about the show’s sexually explicit nature, and any claims made otherwise are simply not true.

Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by Radar’s fabricated report. Only days ago, Gossip Cop busted the site for wrongly claiming Kidman and Urban were moving to Australia permanently. That wasn’t true, and the same goes for this latest article.

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Keith Urban is upset about Nicole Kidman’s sex scenes on “Big Little Lies.”


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