Keith Urban “Refused” To Go To Toronto Film Festival With Nicole Kidman?

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Keith Urban Toronto Film Festival Nicole Kidman

By Shari Weiss |

Keith Urban Toronto Film Festival Nicole Kidman

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Did Keith Urban “refuse” to go to the Toronto International Film Festival with Nicole Kidman? That’s exactly what one outlet is claiming. But Gossip Cop can reveal the real reason Urban was missing in action.

On Saturday, Kidman attended the red carpet premiere for her upcoming movie Lion. On Sunday, she participated in a press conference to discuss the film with reporters. Urban did not attend either event.

And so, Celeb Dirty Laundry declares in a headline on Monday, “Nicole Kidman Divorce: Keith Urban Refuses To Accompany Wife At TIFF.” The story says, “Nicole Kidman’s solo appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival has fans wondering once again if there is a Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban divorce in the works. In fact, there’s new speculation that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage might be in danger.”

“Nicole Kidman’s red carpet appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival is fueling rumors about the state of her marriage to Keith Urban,” the site further writes. “The image-conscious couple has always been very careful about portraying her happy life and marriage to the media without revealing exactly what goes on behind closed doors. Yet, her husband, country music singer Keith Urban, is refusing to play her games.”

But Urban didn’t “refuse” to accompany to Kidman to the events. He actually couldn’t go, regardless of whether he wanted to. While the actress was in Toronto, the singer was actually in another part of Canada, namely Vancouver and Kelowna, for back-to-back concerts.

Urban was a four-hour plane-ride away, a cross-country trip that wasn’t feasible given all the time-consuming things that go into staging shows. And since the concerts were slated long before the TIFF schedule was announced, Kidman was well aware her husband would be performing on those same days and therefore wouldn’t be able to attend the events. It has nothing to do with the state of their marriage. Celeb Dirty Laundry would’ve known that if it bothered to research instead of jumping to sensational speculation.

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Keith Urban refused to go to the Toronto Film Festival with Nicole Kidman.

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