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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have raised a family while maintaining highly successful careers. One tabloid reports that the two recently had an emotional reunion after Urban flew back from Australia to America for the American Academy of Country Music Awards. Is the relationship saved? Gossip Cop investigates

‘Nicole Races To Save Keith’

In its cover story, New Idea claims Kidman has raced “to save Keith.” This rush to reunite was caused because of the two’s “number one relationship rule” which is “to not spend more than three days apart.” WIth Urban off in the States for the award show, not to mention the mandatory quarantine that followed, it has been much more than three days. Kidman herself said, “we’ve never been away from each other this long before.”

Kidman is worried that her husband will relapse, even though she still “totally trusts” her husband. A source says Urban’s initial rehab stint “were some of [Kidman’s] darkest days, and she promised herself she would never let Keith get in such a bad way on her watch.” Luckily, the two are now reunited, and the article ends by saying “it’s a huge weight off her shoulders to have him back home.”

An Odd Story

There’s very little to this story. New Idea is basically claiming that Kidman misses her husband… so... sure? Since he’s a touring artist and she’s often filming movies, it seems unlikely that this is the first time they’ve ever been apart. Gossip Cop does know that judging by Kidman’s Instagram page, the couple is still doing great.

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Happy Birthday my love! Love is in the air ??

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The rest of this story is a slightly tweaked version of a story from The Globe which claimed Kidman as worried Urban would fall off the wagon. We busted that story after speaking to a rep for Kidman who told us there was “no truth” to the story. Urban’s has also been sober since 2006, so he and Kidman have built a very solid foundation.

Bit Of A Bait And Switch

The cover of this issue implies the need for hasty action when it says “Nicole races to save Keith.” The actual story describes no daring race at all, just a concerned Moulin Rouge! star patiently waiting for her husband to clear quarantine. The story itself does not deliver on its title, so it’s a bait and switch.

New Idea is notorious for its bait and switch stories, like when it recently said Brad Pitt had won his custody battle, only to say he expects to get equal custody. The tabloid also said Bindi Irwin was having quadruplets, only for the story to immediately recant and say she was just having one baby. This Kidman story is less bold than these other claims, but it’s still the tabloid promising a big story and delivering little.

Tabloid Has A Bad Reputation When It Comes To Kidman And Urban

This tabloid recently claimed Kidman was still jealous that Princess Diana had a crush on Tom Cruise. The Princess of Wales has been dead for decades, and Kidman moved on Cruise not long after. This tabloid also said that Pink saved Urban’s marriage, but the marriage has never needed saving.

Urban and Kidman have been together for over fourteen years now. While it’s never easy to be apart from your partner, the couple has years of practice. Since the sources close to Kidman cannot be trusted, Gossip Cop is calling this story false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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