Keith Urban Getting Plastic Surgery To Fix ‘Turkey Neck’?

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Keith Urban Turkey Neck

By Andrew Shuster |

Keith Urban Turkey Neck

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One of this week’s tabloids claims Keith Urban wants to get plastic surgery to fix his so-called “turkey neck.” The story is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to the National Enquirer, the 51-year-old country star is eager to go under the knife to make his neck less saggy. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “He’s tried everything from expensive creams to straps to get rid of the loose, wrinkled skin with no luck.” The supposed source adds, “He’s desperate because he thinks it gives away all the other procedures he’s had done to preserve his face.”

The tabloid’s story is based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable “source,” but Gossip Cop checked in with Urban’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record that it’s untrue. Despite what the magazine’s seemingly nonexistent “insider” claims, a rep qualified to speak on the musician’s behalf laughed off the report.

Of course, we’re not surprised by the outlet’s bogus story. The Enquirer has a history of making up stories involving the musician undergoing cosmetic procedures. Earlier this year, for example, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming that Urban’s wife Nicole Kidman was urging him to get plastic surgery. That article, however, said the musician refused to get any work done and told Kidman they should both “embrace their aging.” The magazine’s latest report completely contradicts that premise.

Just last month, Gossip Cop called out the outlet’s sister publication, the Globe, for making up a story about Urban “binging on Botox.” That phony article was entirely speculative and based on the opinions of a doctor who’s never treated the country star.

Meanwhile, this idea of a celebrity having a “turkey neck” isn’t new to the Enquirer. Gossip Cop previously busted the tabloid for alleging that Clooney was getting plastic surgery to repair the same condition. Shortly before that, the magazine accused Lindsay Lohan of having a “turkey neck” and said she’d be undergoing surgery to get rid of it. The story wasn’t true when it was framed around those two stars and it’s no more accurate in Urban’s case.

When it comes to the subject of cosmetic procedures, the untrustworthy outlet often targets Urban’s wife as well. Last year, the tabloid falsely claimed that Kidman has spent $1 million on plastic surgery over the years, but lies about all the work she supposedly gets done. This latest article is more fiction.


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