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Did Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman get into a fight over having another child? One tabloid claimed so this time last year, but Gossip Cop shut down the rumor. Twelve months later, it remains as false as ever.

In an issue of OK! printed last spring, a supposed "insider" close to the actress and musician alleged that the couple were in disagreement over having more children. Nicole Kidman supposedly "desperately" wanted one more baby "before she gets any older," whether that meant going for a "bio baby" or taking "the adoption route." Keith Urban, the shady source told the magazine, felt they were too busy to raise a third child. "Their careers already force them away away from home for so long," contended the shady tipster, adding that Urban was "hoping Nicole will come to see that things are better as they are."

The story was obviously false to anyone who had heard Kidman address having more children in the media. Earlier that year, the Big Little Lies star had told People that she and her husband were happy with two kids. She had also shut down the same rumor in 2017 in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, "I think I'm past that point now...but I'm very thrilled with what I have." Obviously, she was not "desperate" to have another child before she got too "old."

In the year that has followed, many other tabloids have joined OK! in pushing this narrative, despite Gossip Cop being assured by trusted sources (not to mention Kidman's own previous statements) that it wasn't true. In fact, it was even Gossip Cop's top Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban rumor of 2019, which is notable considering just how many dramatic stories surface about the happy couple. Throughout the summer of 2019, bogus reports came from a variety of tabloids that the spouses were expanding their family by one.

According to Star, the couple had been on "shaky" ground until Kidman found out she was a "few weeks" pregnant following a round of IVF. The National Enquirer, on the other hand, said that they were adopting a baby boy after multiple failed IVF attempts. The completely contradictory nature of these two stories should be enough to disqualify them from being taken seriously, but just to be sure, Gossip Cop reached out to a spokesperson for Nicole Kidman and was assured that both stories were completely untrue.

Woman's Day, meanwhile, published its own story that the two were adopting a baby boy — and then, the following month, that Kidman had revealed via Instagram that she was pregnant. Come on, it's like the tabloid isn't even trying to seem accurate. Keith Urban's rep laughed off the first article, while Nicole Kidman's spokesperson once again dismissed the second story as having "no truth" to it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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