Keith Urban Upset About Nicole Kidman’s Friendship With Co-Star Edgar Ramirez?

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Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Edgar Ramirez

By Andrew Shuster |

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Edgar Ramirez

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Is Keith Urban upset about Nicole Kidman’s friendship with “The Undoing” co-star Edgar Ramirez? A tabloid claims the country star isn’t happy about his wife getting close to the actor on the set of their HBO series. Gossip Cop has learned the truth.

According to Woman’s Day, Kidman and Urban’s marriage has been struggling as they attempt to juggle their busy schedules and spend time together, so the actress has been leaning on Ramirez for support. “Every time Keith and Nicole have seen each other recently, Nicole will mention something funny or sweet Edgar’s done, which clearly ignited a fire inside Keith,” an alleged source tells the outlet.

The supposed insider further contends Urban fears his wife’s co-star could have feelings of her, adding, “Keith was pretty worked up, but she assured him that Edgar is merely a work friend.” The unnamed tipster continues, “Things have been strained between Nicole and Keith lately, so this sort of thing only adds to the tension. There’s been talk Nicole has told friends she’s worried Keith will cancel the big plans they had to celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary.”

The tabloid’s bogus story is based on claims from an anonymous and seemingly nonexistent “source,” but Gossip Cop checked in with Urban’s spokesperson, who laughed it off. Despite what the magazine’s untraceable insider says, a rep qualified to speak on the musician’s behalf confirms he’s not having marriage problems, nor is Kidman getting too close to her co-star.

Unfortunately, the tabloids frequently allege one of the actress’s co-stars is creating tension in her marriage. Back in April, Gossip Cop debunked a very similar report claiming Urban was upset about Kidman growing too close to Hugh Grant on the set of “The Undoing.” That article also maintained the actress was “leaning” on her co-star for “support” amid marriage problems. This latest story is using a nearly identical premise but swapping out Grant for Ramirez.

The gossip media also pushed an ongoing narrative about Urban being suspicious of Kidman’s relationship with “Big Little Lies” co-star Alexander Skarsgard. Meanwhile, Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day in March for falsely claiming the actress was upset about Urban “getting cozy” with Julia Michaels, who was one of the opening acts on his Graffiti U World Tour.

In reality, there’s never been a love triangle between Kidman, Urban and any of their respective colleagues. Gossip Cop can confirm the spouses are going strong as they prepare to celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary on June 25.


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