Keith Urban Furious Over Nicole Kidman Reuniting With Alexander Skarsgard?

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Nicole Kidman with Alexander Skarsgard next to a photo of Keith Urban

By Hugh Scott |

Nicole Kidman with Alexander Skarsgard next to a photo of Keith Urban

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Keith Urban is not furious over Nicole Kidman reuniting with Alexander Skarsgard on a new project, despite a false tabloid report. The story is baseless. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can bust it.

An article in Woman’s Day this week is filled with inaccuracies and false reporting, centered around the news that the Big Little Lies co-stars will be teaming up for a movie called The Northman, which is set in Iceland. The phony report quotes a so-called insider as saying, “This is truly the opposite of what Keith wants. Everyone knows he’s been hugely threatened by Nicole and Alex’s intense connection in the past. The reality of them spending all this time together so far away will have him feeling very vulnerable.”

The supposed “insider” goes on to explain that two years ago, at the Emmys, Urban was angry when Kidman gave Skarsgard a congratulatory kiss while making his way to the stage to collect an acting award for Big Little Lies. The tabloid conveniently fails to mention that she also passionately kissed her husband when she won her own award, but again quotes the “insider” as saying, “That really rocked Keith in a big way and it’s no secret their marriage was badly impacted by it.” It’s worth noting, Gossip Cop busted Star back in September 2017 for similarly alleging that Urban was furious over Kidman kissing Skarsgard at the Emmys. The premise wasn’t true when it first emerged more than two years ago.

The magazine’s sketchy source goes on to tell the magazine, “Poor Keith was humiliated but he moved past it on the basis that it was a one-off. He bought Nicole’s promise that Alex is, and will only ever be, a friend. But the insecurity and pain never really went away, and the fact Alex is back in her life again is yet another huge blow.” The story ends with the tabloid claiming Urban is “at wit’s end.”

The timing for this bogus story couldn’t have worse for the tabloid. Just one day before it was published, Urban and Kidman celebrated his 52nd birthday together, and both shared loving Instagram posts to mark the occasion. The actress posted a photo of two together, along with the caption, “Happy Birthday Keith Lionel.. you are so loved,” adding birthday cake and heart emojis. Meanwhile, Urban posted a photo of Kidman hiding behind a huge bouquet of roses, balloons and multiple gifts.

Just to confirm, Gossip Cop checked in with Kidman’s spokesperson, who, unlike the tabloid’s anonymous “insider,” is qualified to speak on the actress’s behalf. Kidman’s rep assures us that the tabloid’s story is totally “untrue.” Urban isn’t furious about his wife reuniting with Skarsgard for another project, nor is he the least bit suspicious about their working relationship.

Woman’s Day has a terrible history of reporting about the couple. Last month, instead of Urban being worried about their marriage, it was Kidman. The outlet falsely alleged Kidman had “hit rock bottom” and was “panicking that she’s losing Keith.” Now we’re to believe less than a month later that the opposite is true? Gossip Cop corrected that ridiculous report, just as we are busting this latest story. Both are completely untrue and the couple’s marriage remains strong.


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