Keith Urban NOT “Flirting” With “American Idol” Contestants, Despite Report

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Keith Urban Flirting American Idol Contestants

By Shari Weiss |

Keith Urban Flirting American Idol Contestants

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Keith Urban is NOT “flirting” with “American Idol” contestants, despite a ridiculous report falsely claiming Nicole Kidman is upset over his supposed behavior. Gossip Cop can bust the stupid story.

In a piece titled “Nicole To Keith: Stop Flirting,” OK! says Kidman “recently tuned in” to the FOX music competition and saw her husband “leering” at some of the female contestants. “But when Nicole confronted Keith, he said she was over reacting,” writes the tabloid, which claims Kidman’s “solution” is to “sit in the audience at future shows.”

“Keith swears he does nothing to encourage women to chase him,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “but Nicole wants to see it with her own eyes.” The magazine and its alleged tipster add that after watching Urban “ogling girls half his age on national TV,” Kidman “felt like Keith was ‘practically drooling’ over every girl” on the show.

Memo to OK! – The judges are required to stare at the contestants when they audition. Like Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr., Urban sits behind a desk and intensely watches all the aspiring stars, male and female, as they try out. And sometimes, yes, the trio do discuss whether someone is beautiful or good-looking.

Kidman, of course, knows and understands this. And if the outlet actually knew anything about the show, it would know that this season hasn’t even progressed beyond call-backs, where Urban is still judging from a distance and not seen otherwise interacting with the contestants. Plus, if Urban actually did make flirtatious comments while giving feedback, it’s likely other outlets would’ve reported it when it happened.

Lastly, this is Urban’s FOURTH season as an “American Idol” judge. Kidman is not all of a sudden having a problem with Urban having interaction with contestants. The only thing more outrageous than this story is probably the one OK! sister outlet the National Enquirer wrote last September absurdly claiming Kidman feared Urban was going to get “flirty” with Lopez. The two publications seem to have an agenda, but it’s one that’s entirely off-key.

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Keith Urban has been flirting with “American Idol” contestants.


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